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Nutrition / Kitchen


– To provide admitted patients with dietary services throughout their stay.

– Ensure the preparation and serving of high-quality and quantity meals on a daily basis.

– Supervise and monitor kitchen staff for highly nutritious meal preparation.

– Conduct capacity-building for kitchen staff.

– Create awareness on the prevention, control, and effective nutritional management of TB.


  • Nutritionists have been trained on Burns management in terms of food and feeding method.
  • Good working relationship with Medical Doctors and Nutritionists in discussing the disease in relation to the meal plan for the patients.
  • All supplies received were witnessed by the caterer and clinical nutritionist and later verified by the hospital auditor and storekeeper.
  • Meal preparation: General/Annex – Meals were prepared, served and monitored for (breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) October to Dec in both Kitchens, although there are some days that the dinner was not prepared due to the unavailability of the Cassava and Potato; and special meals were also provided for patients with special needs.
  • Meal Assessment – Cooked meals are monitored and assessed daily using the Meal assessment forms to know the frequency, quality, quantity and timeliness of the diet to the patients.
  • Non-Diabetic Clinic – The Unit together with Prof F Deen and Dr Coker conduct a weekly Diabetic and Kidney Disease clinics respectively for out-patients suffering from the above disease. See data for cases counselled from October to Dec 2023.

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