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Internal Medicine

The Internal Medicine Department is working tirelessly towards providing services to patients that access the facility. They also take part in the training of Medical Students and residents and conduct their daily ward rounds activity. The department is staffed with 2 Professors, 5 Consultants, 4 Specialist Physicians, 2 Registrars.  The department worked on improving health outcomes by treating non-communicable diseases. These chronic diseases are the main cause of admission in medical wards at Connaught hospital. Wards rounds were conducted and are on-going. The wards are meant to be a teaching opportunity to Medical Students, and Registrars while Grand rounds (done on Thursdays) are inclusive of Medical Students, House Officers and Registrars. Medical Research is on-going. Kings Sierra Leone Partnership supported the department in the areas of Acute Medicines, Psychiatric, Infectious Disease and General Medicine. Established the Cardio-Renal Unit and Nurses were trained, medical equipment was provided.  Refurbishment of the Dialysis Unit, installation of dialysis machines but it is yet to be handed over to the hospital. Refurbishment of medical ward (ward 9) completed.

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