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Laboratory Unit


  • Developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for specimen collection, ESR tests, Sickling test and other Rapid diagnostic tests
  • Development of quality management forms
  • Meeting with the National Quality officer and the US CDC Laboratory Advisor and they presented on the Public Health Laboratory (PHL) Accreditation and Laboratory operational support road map
  • Meeting with the DLDBS M&E and provide responses on the possible integration of Malaria, HIV and TB testing
  • Refresher training of Laboratory staff on some routine laboratory testing procedures
  • Training and mentorship for interns pursuing courses in Medical Laboratory sciences
  • Mentorship for Medical Students in Hematology
  • Quality improvement project on Malaria Turnaround Time (TAT)
  • Developed Job descriptions for Lab staff
  • Annual Competency Assessment for staff
  • Laboratory Equipment Inventory
  • Store Inventory


  • Refurbishment of a standard Bacteriology unit by the Fleming Fund project
  • Training and donation of automated analyzer to diagnose hemophilia and other bleeding disorders by the organization, Frontier for Hemophilia and other Bleeding Disorders-Sierra Leone (FHBD-SL)
  • Minor renovations in the Laboratory in the form of painting, replacement of faulty door locks, replacement of fluorescent lights bulbs, and plumbing, through support from the Directorate of Laboratory Diagnostics and Blood Services (DLDBS)

Capacity building

  • Two (2) Lab staff have benefitted on a one-day training on “Rapid Mortality Surveillance of AVHFs and Respiratory Illnesses” by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with Metabiota.
  • Three (3) Laboratory staff have benefitted on a 3 days training on “Laboratory Capacity Building on Epidemic Prone diseases” by the Ministry of Health

Supply chain Management

  • The Directorate of Laboratory Diagnostics and Blood Services (DLDBS) has established a clear procedure for requesting laboratory supplies when available.

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